• Why Landlords Should Consider Rent Guarantee Insurance

    Why Landlords Should Consider Rent Guarantee Insurance0

    As a landlord, you have invested a significant amount of money into your business and rental properties. To protect your investment, you have property insurance to cover damage from environmental factors and liability issues. Your tenants also have tenant’s insurance to protect their belongings. However, what about protection against a tenant who does not pay

  • 5 Basic Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

    5 Basic Insurance Mistakes to Avoid0

    It’s essential to have basic insurance coverage. Ignoring the importance of insurance can be a huge mistake. There are common mistakes that you should avoid when buying insurance. Below are some of them: Ignoring the Importance of Basic Insurance: Basic insurance is essential. It protects you in the event of car theft and accidents. Basic

  • Insurance, Blockchain & Oracles

    Insurance, Blockchain & Oracles0

    Author Kees Buiel Published April 1, 2019 Word count 829 View author’s other articles Here at Microinsurance we continue to explore blockchain, the world of “a smart contracts”. It is our current belief that ‘smart contracts’ will be the core insurance uses-case for blockchain. Why is this? Because the MAIN thing that people buy when

  • A Simple Guide to Cyber Liability Insurance

    A Simple Guide to Cyber Liability Insurance0

    In today’s world, the internet has become an integral part of most businesses. However, this increased reliance also brings about cybersecurity risks that require cyber insurance. If you’re still unsure whether your business needs cyber liability insurance, this article will explore the topic in more detail. The Basics of Cyber Liability Insurance Cyber insurance is

  • All You Need to Know About Product Liability Insurance

    All You Need to Know About Product Liability Insurance0

    Product liability insurance has become increasingly relevant with the rise of the gig economy and home-based businesses. If your business involves providing products to consumers, it is crucial to protect yourself against any claims of damage or injuries that may arise. While public liability insurance may cover injuries that occur at your physical premises, product

  • Tips to Simplify Your Business Insurance Renewal

    Tips to Simplify Your Business Insurance Renewal0

    Running a business involves many challenges, and it can be easy to overlook important tasks like business insurance renewal while focusing on core business activities. However, if you neglect insurance renewal, your business could be exposed to risks like theft, property damage or injuries. Business insurance brokers can be helpful, but here are some tips